Friday, 1 July 2016

District Governors Past, Present and Future at District 9940 Changeover

The beginning of the Rotary year is full of both challenges and opportunities.  It is an exciting time when new energy, ideas and connections are brought into our leadership teams and when we thank those who have led our Clubs and District with such enthusiasm over the past year. 
Because leadership changes every year in Rotary, one of our challenges is continuity to ensure we achieve our long term goals.  This means not just doing those things we have always done, but ensuring the new initiatives, ideas and aspirations of our District and Clubs are worked through to completion.  Many initiatives take much longer than one year and one leadership team to achieve, whether it is re-energising our Clubs, increasing membership or developing new community projects. We should all be grateful to have a team around us of experienced, innovative and enthusiastic Rotarians who will drive initiatives over several years. Denise and I wish all Rotarians a fulfilling, satisfying and enjoyable year in the service of your communities and we look forward to visiting your Clubs.

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  1. May you have a wonderful year in a District we can be proud of. You have my full support and we'll done with your blog.