Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Connecting Young Professionals with Our Community

A new organisation named SCOPE was launched this evening in Wellington, supported by the Rotary Club of Wellington.  This is a new initiative aimed at bringing young professionals together to enjoy each other's company and work on meaningful community activities.  Pretty much in the same way that Rotary initially started out in 1905.
Already SCOPE members have provided Kakapo nesting boxes for Zealandia and a 3D printer for Linden School in Tawa, with support from Sir Richard Taylor of Weta Workshops.
It is amazing what a group of energetic people from different occupations and from different educational disciplines are able to do when they join forces, benefiting not only the community but also providing a sense of satisfaction that is somewhat different to what they may achieve in their day jobs.
We will watch this initiative with interest and look for the possibilities that Rotary connections and resources can provide.  

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