Thursday, 7 July 2016

Increasing Membership and Fun at New Plymouth North Rotary

Dr Joanne and President Jeremy Hucker
New Plymouth North Rotary is growing its membership significantly.  So much so, that outgoing President Jill Fearn was able to advise incoming President Jeremy Hucker that his ambitious goal for 2016-17 had already almost been met, so President Jeremy is aiming for an even higher membership number.
This Club takes on ambitious and bold projects.  Naki Run Amuck for example is a 5 or 10 km muddy fun race held at Urenui that raises thousands of dollars for community organisations.  The Club became aware of the need for an ultrasound biopsy machine to decrease the amount of time men in Taranaki had to wait for prostate cancer detection and put their mind to it and raised $40,000 for the purchase of the machine, with the help of a Rotary Foundation District Grant.
The Club makes many other donations throughout the year to various organisations and young people and particpates in many other community activities.

Past-President Jill Fearn, PDG Rob Crabtree,
PP Dr Ian Smiley and DG Martin Garcia
Club members are also having fun and many of their newer members are women, helping achieve a better gender balance in the Club.
Denise and I had a very enjoyable night with Club members at the Ngamotu Cafe at the New Plymouth Golf Club.  Addressing the Club in front of three Club members who are Past District Governors (Nigel Hayton, Brian Chong and Rob Crabtree (District 9920)) was not as nerve wracking as singing out the current President Jill Fearn with her own words written to the tune of "I Did It My Way" while also welcoming President Jeremy.  Fortunately I was assisted by PDG Rob Crabtree and Past-President of New Plymouth West Rotary Dr Ian Smiley.                 

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