Friday, 15 July 2016

Kapiti Rotary is Vibrant and Growing

Denise and I were at Kapiti Rotary's Changeover a couple of weeks ago and you could sense the energy and friendliness of Kapiti Rotarians.  It was no different last night when we made our official visit at their Paraparaumu club rooms.  They are a very fit Club in more ways than one - with many members involved in a cycling group which I hope will be able to organise a "round the mountain" cycling event at the Taranaki Conference in April next year.
Kapiti Rotary benefits from being connected with District activities.  John Granville is the District's Youth Service Committee Chair and he is also Secretary of Kapiti Rotary.  Liz Koh is our new District Vocational Service Director and we will be discussing some exciting new initiatives in an avenue of service that in my view needs to be more prominent in some Rotary Clubs in our District.  Our integrity and the 4-way Test are important values for Rotarians and our different occupations or vocations are what allow Rotarians to be so ambitious in our plans to improve the lives of others in our local and overseas communities.
There are many Kapiti Rotary projects overseas and in the local community.  The recently refurbished multi-purpose caravan, which will be used for community events and emergencies, was showcased to us especially for the evening - and we really appreciated that.  There are so may contributions this Club is making to communities, including locally the planting of the Otaihanga Domain, the provision of a community caravan and supporting local youth to RYPEN (Rotary Youth Enrichment Programme), RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) and Rotary International Youth Exchange - to name but a few.  Overseas the Club is involved in Bangladesh supporting healthcare, Botswana and in Fiji where club members and associates provide dentistry services.
Kapiti Rotary's Community and Emergency Caravan
Kapiti Rotary lets its community know what it is doing through weekly articles in the community newspaper, the Kapiti News, and monthly appearances on the local Beach FM radio, not to mention being seen out in the community.
Is it any surprise then that by involving members in meaningful activities, having fun and letting their community know about Rotary and what they are doing that Kapiti Rotary is growing in membership, engagement and fun?  Well done Kapiti Rotary!                  

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