Friday, 22 July 2016

Past District Governor's grand-daughter joins Rotary

Hayley Burns and Past-President Linda Wellington 
How many of us have parents or grandparents who were Rotarians?  I know I was inspired by my father's Rotary experiences at Fitzroy Rotary and that is why I joined Rotary.

This week at Port Nicholson Rotary's Changeover, I met the parents of outgoing President Linda Wellington.  Linda's father, Bryan Tucker, is a Rotarian of 40 years from the Rotary Club of South Wairarapa.

Linda's last act as President was to induct Hayley Burns as a Rotarian and Linda will be her mentor.  Hayley went to school with some of my children, demonstrating again how small our world is particularly when we are able to connect through Rotary.
PP Linda Wellington and her father long-serving
South Wairarapa Rotarian Bryan Tucker

It is so encouraging to see a younger generation, with the talents and skills of people like Hayley, becoming involved in Rotary.

Hayley's late grandfather was our District Governor in 1986-87 when the RI theme was "Rotary brings Hope".  PDG Fred Burns was a member of the former Wellington Central Rotary Club.  PDG Dexter Bambery (1994-95) told me last night that PDG Fred Burns had been a mentor for him as District Governor.

These stories indicate to me how we can all have a powerful influence through encouragement, mentorship and example on others who will join us to serve our communities.  We should encourage others and put them forward for leadership opportunities - which is another example of Service above Self.

I would welcome your comments in this blog if your parents, grandparents or others inspired you to join Rotary.  

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