Monday, 18 July 2016

We have very talented support in our District to help strengthen Clubs and communication

Freya Kerr, Tony Heyward, Martin, Christina Brenton, Marilyn Stevens,
Leole Malama-Prasad
The District's Club Development Committee has a huge amount of energy and plenty of ideas that they wish to share with Clubs.  August is Rotary's month for New Club Development and Membership so you can expect to see and hear more about the initiatives they have in mind to help strengthen Clubs, retain members and attract members.  The Committee is chaired by Deb Gimblett and we were kindly hosted in Otaki by Marilyn Stevens.

There are a whole lot of people working to support our Clubs in the District, Although many work largely behind the scenes we see the outcomes such as the establishment of the new District website which will make Club management so much easier for our Clubs and help improve our internal and external communication.  I met with Website Manager Richard Stephen and Public Relations and Communications Chair Jo Newlove on Friday in Lower Hutt.
54 of our 55 Rotary Clubs are now engaged with the process of integrating Club data through the new District website to MyRotary and 34 have completed the process.  Richard has been liaising with many Clubs and is keen to hear from those who have yet to complete the process.  We owe a huge amount of thanks to Richard and Jo for their work establishing the new site which can be found at and which will serve us for many years into the future.

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