Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A warm welcome from Pencarrow Rotary - taking on a new initiative and increasing membership

President Wolfgang Kure, with new Rotarians Molly, Kim and Britta, and Rotarian Les Isaac.
Pencarrow Rotary is the first of two Rotary Clubs we visit this week who are located at yacht clubs (the other being Plimmerton this evening).  These are pleasant, modern facilities in great settings.  Pencarrow Rotary complements its setting at the Lowry Bay Yacht and the location of most of their members along the Wellington Harbour coastline by calling their weekly newsletter "The Tide".

View from Lowry Bay Yacht Club
Photo credit to PDG Graeme Blick  2012 
Pencarrow Rotarians also complemented their setting with a warm welcome for Denise, me and AG Trish Brown.  They have revamped their website http://www.rcp.org.nz/ so that it is mobile friendly, they use analytics to measure hits and they have an up-to-date Facebook page.  Pencarrow Rotary has moved to fortnightly meetings with social events in between, including movie evenings.  This change has allowed them to reduce costs to members.  Members pay monthly for meeting and meal costs and also for a contribution to The Rotary Foundation that they can opt out of if they wish.

So their internal and external settings are aligned, both pleasant, modern and welcoming.  This is likely to be one of the reasons Pencarrow is attracting new members.  Three members joined in July alone.

The Club has also taken on a new initiative - the Eastbourne Market which will be held at Day's Bay on Sunday 11 December.  They have been involved in the Timor L'Este surgical sterilisation project, have supported a VSA doctor in Papua New Guinea and they support local organisations, such as the Volunteer Fire Brigade, as well as carrying out many other activities.   We had a most enjoyable time on what was a cold and rainy evening outside.  Thank you Pencarrow Rotarians.

A question from the floor for the DG.

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