Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Breakfast with three generations at Hutt Valley Rotary, where Rotarians are connected, busy and generous

Denise and I visited Hutt Valley Rotary at 7 am last week on one of those still and frosty mornings.  It seems to me that one advantage of a morning Club is that you can make an early start and then get off to work, holding project meetings at other times for the people involved in those projects.  Hutt Valley Rotary also holds social events at different times, such as movies evening or trips to Butterfly Creek. A breakfast meeting often suits busy business people.

Meetings have to be run to time to fit in with people's schedules so one really gets down to the key matters that need to be discussed, giving a real sense of vitality and what is important - and it's a great way to kick start the day.  President Michelle Simpson did a great job of managing the meeting.

This was the widest age group I have spoken to as some parents brought their children along, which was great to see.  The greater diversity we have, the richer our experience of Rotary.   In one room we had three generations - PDG Judy Bain, Jo Newlove and her son (Judy's grandson).

Hutt Valley Rotary is engaged in a wide range of community projects, including Duffy books in homes, the annual duck race in the Hutt River, and the Dowse brick pathway.  They have provided funds to various organisations, including the Malaghan Institute to help find a cure for cancer, and are generous contributors to The Rotary Foundation as a Centurion Club, giving more than NZ$100 on average per member.  

Hutt Valley Rotary is very well connected with other Clubs, particularly because of their involvement in District roles, such as:
  • Judy Bain, Chair of China Friendship and Projects - 2015-16, hosted a Teacher exchange from Mi Yun County (near Beijing) - friendship exchanges, vocational training and humanitarian support
  • Jo Newlove, Public Relations and Communications Chair (worked with Richard Stephen to get our new website up and running)
  • Ken Chandler, Stroke Awareness District Chair (bllod pressure checks are coming up on 1 October)
  • Brian Mansfield and Michael Markham, Finance Committee
  • IPP Tony McCombs and then also others who have been involved in the past.
Thank you Hutt Valley Rotary for hosting Denise and me over breakfast.
    DG Martin, VP Martin Penrose, President Michelle Simpson, PP Tony McCombs 

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