Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Changeover events drive home how many thousands of hours and millions of dollars our Rotarians are contributing to their communities, while also having fun!

Marton Rotary President James O'Regan and outgoing
President Andrew Shand with DG Martin.
Thank you for all of the invitations Denise and I received for Club Changeover events.  Denise and I regrettably had to decline a number because of other commitments.

In the past month Denise and/or I have attended Changeovers at the Rotary Clubs of Makino, Feilding, Paraparaumu, Tawa, South Wairarapa, Kapiti, Porirua, New Plymouth North, Port Nicholson, Courtenay Place and Marton.

Last Sunday I was at Marton Rotary's Changeover on Parewahawaha Marae in Bulls.  It is a particular privilege to be welcomed on to a Marae and have the opportunity to talk about Rotary - where we have come from and where we stand as people of integrity, helping our communities and trying to increase intercultural understanding and peace.

Andrew White hands over to Chris Dungan
at Feilding Rotary. 

At all Changeover events we have felt very welcome and made to feel part of each Club.

Port Nicholson Rotary - Brent Gerrard
is awarded a PHF by outgoing President 
Linda Wellington.
Changeovers have ranged for informal to formal and from finger food to formal dinners.
Chef Martin Bosley prepares
a delicious salad at Courtenay
Place Rotary's Changeover.

Where entertainment has been provided, we have been treated to all sorts of musical performances - from musical interludes by local schools, barbershop, a band including a local Rotarian, Shakespeare performed by Rotarians, a demonstration by a
celebrity chef and in one case having to sing myself, with the support of other Rotarians.  Very enjoyable and it is great to see Rotarians having fun and celebrating their successes.

Hats and tiaras are the theme at
Porirua Rotary as Sarah Thompson hands
over to President David Stewart. 
It was stunning at each Changeover to hear how many activities each Club had carried out during the year and what they are planning for the future.  Our 55 Clubs are contributing thousands of volunteer hours each year from Waitara to Taihape to the Wairarapa and south to Wellington.

Each year we are raising funds that must amount to at least $2-3 million.  And each Club is contributing to its local and overseas communities in their own different ways.

Tawa Rotary incoming President Andrew Watson presents his Board.
Edwina Dittmer hands over
to President Kevin Darragh
at Feilding Rotary.
President Eddie Winkel  takes on the chains of office from
outgoing President Roger Sowry at Kapiti Rotary.

Paraparaumu Rotary where Marion Patchett became President after Reg Barlow.

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