Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Johnsonville Rotary's Facebook page gets up to 500 hits after events, they have a dynamic website and they get strong support from local media

Yao Meng, LinBin Wang and other Johnsonville Rotarians 
Things are on the move in Johnsonville.  The ages of members now range from 30 to 85.  

Younger members are being introduced to Johnsonville Rotary, bringing with them the skills to enhance the Club's ability to present itself to the public and help improve the lives of others in their community.

Take a look at their website for example (snapshot below), which is modern and dynamic, and created by Rotarian LinBin Wang.  
Rotarian Yao Meng, who was also at my table, was Sergeant on Monday evening when I visited with AG Lee Wilkinson and he ran a very inclusive and fun Sergeant's session.

I always like to find out how many people in a Club are from Taranaki. If they are from Taranaki they will be going to the District Conference in New Plymouth from 21-23 April 2017, and if they are not from Taranaki they should be going to the Conference to explore Taranaki and learn more about Rotary and the challenges we face.  Not only are Lee and I from Taranaki, but so is Rotarian Ross Jordan who owns New World Newlands.  Ross not only supports Rotary but through his support of schools and other community activities is able to facilitate connections with Johnsonville Rotary.

Johnsonville Rotary also has a good relationship with, and gets great publicity from, the local community newspaper.  The Club's website has regular interest and their Facebook page gets up to 500 hits after functions and events.  They encourage a “Friends of Johnsonville Rotary” group which has a younger and more ethnically diverse profile.  We hope that they will one day become Rotarians.
The Club is involved in a range of projects, from Toot for Tucker to blood pressure awareness day, to Healthy Heroes, a project in Timor L'este and supporting disaster relief efforts - to mention just a few. They also help out at local schools (including a beekeeping project) and sponsor young people to RYPEN and RYLA.

Johnsonville Rotary also maintains its connections with the District, through President Vince Adams-Schneider (The Rotary Foundation District Grants Sub-Committee Chair), Roland Van Pragg (International Service Committee member) and 
Judith Gallocher (International Caravanning Fellowship in Rotary Lower North Island representative).  

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