Monday, 29 August 2016

Mount Victoria Rotary - developing projects and increasing membership

Funds were raised for an electric paediatric bed for Wellington hospital.
At District Changeover, Mount Victoria Rotary won the W8 Award for the largest increase in membership.  They are an inner city Club who meet in nice surroundings at the West Plaza Hotel and are looked after well with a happy hour followed by a great meal and good company.  Importantly, they have innovative, relevant projects.

A signature project of Mount Victoria Rotary is the fundraising from five dollar notes signed by Sir Edmund Hillary - an example of an innovative idea brought to action.

President Mark Chiu and DG Martin with the
welcoming sign at the West Plaza Hotel reception desk
There are many other projects such as hosting Circus Quirkus in Wellington which, through sponsorships, provides free circus-style entertainment free of charge to families.

Overseas they have worked with a Samoan village to provide solar power to  a pre-school.

They are another Club which collaborates with others.  An example is working with Port Nicholson Rotary to hold an ANZAC Day breakfast which raised funds to purchase an electric paediatric bed for Wellington Children's Hospital.

Mount Victoria Rotarians are also planning to support refugees arriving in Wellington, and they are involved in much more.

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