Friday, 5 August 2016

Petone is known for its good cafés, and Petone Rotary meets at a café as just one part of creating a modern, welcoming environment

It is not only the café environment that makes Clubs like Rotary Petone attractive and inviting.  It's also the welcome that every one receives when they walk into a café where there is a buzz of conversation and everyone is welcoming.

Denise and I were at the café on Tuesday evening and this is the second Club in two days where we have experienced a wide range of ages - from early 30s to the mid-80s in this case.  It is great to see Clubs that can appeal to a wide range of tastes and ages.

For a long time I have known Petone Rotary for the Petone Fair which started 25 years ago with only 14 stalls and now runs along much of Jackson Street with about 480 stalls.  This is a big annual project for the Club and, not only a major fund raiser, but also brings people together.  It attracts people from all around the region - I even met up there last year at a café with Whanganui Daybreak Rotarians.

The 2017 Hutt News Petone Rotary Fair will be held on Saturday 18 February.  Petone Rotary would like more Rotarians and friends to help them out at this event, so please mark this date in your diaries and contact the Club or see for more information.

And Petone Rotary is also busy throughout the year with books being provided to schools at a local primary school and also to a school in Fiji.  But not only books - also refurbished laptops to a high school, primary school, community groups, and a school in the Tokelau Islands.

They support a rock concert which raises funds for a specific cause each year - last year Wellington Free Ambulance.  Petone Rotarians use their skills and experience to provide governance support for local organisations.  They sponsor students to RYLA, RYPEN, the National Science and Technology Forum and Hands-On Science in Otago.

Petone is also a Centurion Club, giving an average of NZ$100 per member to The Rotary Foundation's Annual Programmes Fund. And I am just scratching the surface, as there are many other activities Petone Rotary is currently involved in or is planning.

This is an active, generous Club with a growing membership.

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