Monday, 12 September 2016

Upper Hutt Rotary - vibrant as a result of changing to meet the needs of their members and community

President Rob Rangi inducts Angela
For several years Upper Hutt Rotary's membership stayed about the same, then in the past few months it has increased by more than a quarter.  Another new member was inducted this evening when I visited and two potential members were visiting.  What is driving this extraordinary success?

Upper Hutt Rotarians are inviting potential members along and attracting new members because they know they have an attractive product.  They are changing to meet the needs of their community. One part of renewing the Club was ensuring that everything they do is fun and enjoyable. Another part is a modern, flexible venue - I had a choice of three healthy meal options.

They have some great projects that have been going many years and which the community looks forward to, such as the trolley derby and the annual fireworks display - which has been going for 47 years - and they are very strong supporters of youth.  They have also supported wells in India and a hospital in Bolivia - to name just a few projects.

What captured my interest are the exciting ideas that Upper Hutt Rotary has for its community and for fundraising.  They are identifying needs in their community and working to address them.  I will leave it up to them to announce these.  The MenzShed has huge potential with members already having met several community needs.

Upper Hutt Rotary is one to watch as a Club that has turned itself around and has a strong impetus to achieve even more.

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