Thursday, 8 September 2016

Waikanae Rotary - 50 years of helping their community but remaining modern with an attractive website and a new, inviting venue

President Gary McElhinney receives Rotary International's
Certificate recognising 50 years of Waikanae Rotary
serving its communities
It was my great pleasure to hand to the Rotary Club of Waikanae a certificate from Rotary International recognising their 50 years of service.

Waikanae Rotary are are particularly strong supporters of youth programmes - RYLA, RYPEN, Australia New Zealand Matched Twin Exchange, the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum, New Zealand Business Week and reading in schools.

They access the J R McKenzie Trust to help young people and they also provide tertiary scholarships to help students in their first year at a tertiary institution.

AG Chris Garrett, Rotarians and guests enjoy the evening
Waikanae Rotary have been successful in sponsoring a young doctor for a global grant scholarship to the prestigious London School of Tropical Medicine and we will hear more from her over the next couple of years as she takes up and completes her study.  We are sure many people in developing countries will benefit from this use of The Rotary Foundation's funds to improve the lives of others.  

Waikanae Rotary has moved in to a modern, new venue and have a great website, which they are revamping after a few years of operation, and have a great relationship with local media that helps build their public image.  This is a Club that recognises that technology changes and that we need to be constantly changing.  These are just some of the elements that are helping the Club attract new members.

Congratulations Waikanae Rotarians on half a century of service to your communities.

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