Monday, 10 October 2016

Pahiatua Rotary - in touch with their community and "On Track"

Pahiatua Rotarians meet at the Purple Haze Lavender Cafe which is such an idyllic setting. There were not only the manicured lavender plants but also the country setting and sounds, including one calf that bellowed for much of the evening.

The venue and company made for a really enjoyable evening and I am sure this venue, along with their community activities, has helped Pahiatua Rotary increase their membership over recent years.

Their projects sound like great fun - such as, the golf tournament, trolley derby, casino evening, market day and the Christmas Parade and Teddy Bears' picnic, to name but a few.

And all the while they are supporting their youth and funding Emergency Response Kits and much more.  Pahiatua Rotary works closely with their Community Board "Pahiatua On Track" so they are very much in touch with the needs of their community.

They are currently jointly working on a Wheels Park for just about anything on wheels, such as skateboards and bikes. Keep up the great work Pahiatua Rotary.
President Jill Woods, Diana and PDG Bill Carthew, DG Martin and AG Kevin Conroy.

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