Friday, 7 October 2016

Stratford Rotary - a long history of activity in local and overseas communities

DG Martin & President Peter Doyle
The Rotary Club of Stratford is small in number but their members are very connected to and active in their community and overseas communities.  Like many Rotary Clubs in rural centres, the local Mayor is a Rotarian and was present on the evening. 

Stratford Rotary has been helping out with meals on wheels since the 1980s and has run a sausage sizzle in the main street since 1994. They have sponsored students on RYPEN and RYLA.  

They are strong supporters of literacy and ask local farmers to donate to allow dictionaries to be provided to local schools.  They provide a children's book to every baby born in the area. 

They recently raised $750 to help end polio by hosting a Vera Lynn concert with singer Vicki Lee.  

They have been raising funds for water pumps for Nepal by selling pashminas.  The vision is to change society through sustainable community development based on social, economic, political and gender equality.

During my visit, I was particularly privileged to be presented with a range of Taranaki's best cheeses. The blue cheeses are my favourite so far. 

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