Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Waitara Rotary - the furthest north and like no other

DG Martin and President Murray Grimwood
Waitara Rotary is the most northern of the Rotary Clubs in our District.  Waitara was where I first learned to surfcast as a 14-year old and caught my first kahawai. But not before a local had seen that I did not know what I was doing and taught me how to use a spinner.  It was great to return to this area.

The Rotarians of Waitara are likewise generous and willing to lend a hand in their community. They have recently given $10,000 towards an angioplasty machine and contributed funds to the TRUS prostate biopsy machine for the hospital.

They raise funds in many innovative ways - at the woodcraft festival, through fertilizer sales that are delivered all year round (this is a great fundraiser for rural communities), manning the gate at the Urenui Rodeo and raffles for items such as wood-turned articles.

I was amazed that, among their many community activities, Waitara Rotary gave 263 dictionaries recently to 17 local schools.  Well done Waitara Rotary!  They have also given dictionaries to Aitutaki in the Cook Islands and Samoa.  This is just one of the activities of this very active and generous Club.

They also look after their members by offering group trips.  Some of the most memorable have been to places we might not normally stop at such as Awakino, but I well remember in my younger days stopping there for my first taste of crayfish at a relative's bach.  North Taranaki has so much to offer and I encourage you to experience the area in April 2017.  

Waitara Rotary is one of the Taranaki Clubs that will be offering you a very memorable experience in Taranaki during the District Conference on the weekend of 21-23 April 2017.  Please take up the offer of Taranaki Clubs, because you will experience Taranaki like no other.    

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