Sunday, 23 October 2016

Wanganui North Rotary - relevant local and international projects and innovative activities leading to increased membership

Cranleigh Chainey, DG Martin and
a giant Northern Rata in the background.
I always have a pair of hiking or work boots in the car because Rotarians work everywhere and you never know when you are going to need them to see a project, particularly as it has been so wet lately.  And I needed my boots when I visited Bushy Park.

Wanganui North Rotarians, including our District Governor Nominee Marion Johnston, took me and Assistant Governor Nigel Ramsden out to see the work they have been doing at Bushy Park.  The project involves tree planting, wetlands restoration, conservation and education for school children.  Macrocarpa benches and railing have been provided while tracks are being installed or repaired.

What a peaceful venue.  Amazing to see the kereru, saddlebacks and other birdlife. And the muffins at afternoon tea were perfect thanks to Margaret Chainey.

Wanganui North Rotary has been increasing its membership numbers now for some years and I think projects like Bushy Park combined with enthusiastic project leadership are part of the reason.    

Cranleigh & Margaret Chainey and Graeme Prince
take a well-deserved break.

The Club also invited along 10 prospective members to a recent meeting and have a list of more that they are going to approach, which will result in a further increase in numbers.

They provide artworks to the local hospital to improve the atmosphere for patients, they are preparing to run Carols by Candlelight and fund raise through quiz nights, a trailer raffle and other events to allow them to sponsor students to various Rotary programmes and support Emergency Response Kits - to name but a few of their many activities.

On 25 November they will be holding the Wanganui North Rotary Stakes with ERG rowing and other races to raise funds for a surgical toolkit for use in Samoa.  There is no permanent ENT surgeon in Samoa.  Every time Whanganui-based Samoan ENT surgeon Dr P.J. Faumui visits family he conducts clinics but he and other volunteer surgeons need top quality surgical tools to operate there. Wanganui North Rotary will be helping bring ear, nose and throat surgery to 25,000 children needing treatment in Samoa.    

Wanganui North Rotarians are innovative.  Rather than just deliver dictionaries to schools to low decile schools, they host a quiz night based on the content of the dictionaries and invite parents, teachers and students.  What a great idea!

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