Sunday, 23 October 2016

Whanganui Daybreak Rotary - a new Interact Club and scoping new project activity

President Shane King receives a Centurion Club Citation.
It was no problem at all for Denise and I to attend Whanganui Daybreak's breakfast meeting as we were staying at the venue so didn't even have to drive.

Whanganui Daybreak is a relatively new Club compared to many in our District as it was chartered in 1998.  In this time they have been able to achieve a huge amount, including establishing the SHINE Interact Club last year at Whanganui Girls College.

While they have established traditional projects and fundraising activities, they are still actively scoping and planning new projects.

Creating a new Interact Club provides a great incentive to find projects that will be interesting to Interactors and club members.  Earlier this year I saw Interactors and Whanganui Daybreak Rotary marshalling traffic at Whanganui Airport for the inaugural Air Chathams flights.

Now they are planning to plant in wetlands and are scoping whether they can develop exercise stations around Whanganui.

While women members make up only 23% of membership across the whole District, I am pleased to see that they make up 59% of membership in Whanganui Daybreak Rotary, one of only two Clubs in our District where there are more women than men.

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