Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Levin Rotary - ambitious and innovative projects locally and overseas help attract new members

Mark Conroy, Daphne Linnel. President Barry Rollinson, Linda Archer,
and PDG Allan Birrell inside the Charity House   
Denise and I finally visited Levin Rotary after last week's visit had to be called off due to flooding preventing us getting out of Wellington.

Levin Rotarians have taken on an ambitious project.  They are building a house that they will auction off to raise funds for a Trust that will provide Chromebooks to students in Levin.  They are receiving many generous offers of support from local businesses and tradespeople.

The Charity House provides great visibility for Rotary as it on State Highway 1 as you pass through Levin.

Levin Rotarians have also been out in the community for the 6 weeks selling raffle tickets in their annual trailer raffle.  They have been so successful this year that all 6,000 tickets have already been sold.  Since all of the prizes are donated they will make up to $12,000 for their charitable purposes.    

DG Martin presents President Barry with Centurion Club recognition 
They also support local youth in everything from Rotary programmes to other activities such as outdoor pursuits. These are just a few of their projects and they have plans for the future.  They are gearing up for another Rotary Cave Tour which takes people to all sorts of interesting backyard interests from a remote controlled raceway to classic cars and much more.  They are also planning a Hats and High Tea event around International Women's Day in March.

Levin Rotarians also look beyond their backyard.  Members have been involved in the recovery of Vanuatu after cyclone Pam by rebuilding schools. They are collecting a consignment of hospital beds, wheelchairs and other hospital equipment that they are planning to send to the Solomon Islands Namuga Hospital project.  They just need to find an inexpensive means of transport, so please let them know if you have contacts who can help.

DG Martin, new member Chris, and President Barry.
Levin Rotarians support the Rotary Foundation by donations and they know how to achieve their objectives through The Foundation.  This year they received two District Grants: one for a programme of early childhood hygiene education and the other for Chromebooks for students.

With all of their activity known to the community and publicised in media such as the Horowhenua News it's no wonder they are able to attract new members.  And they are even progressing the formation of a Satellite Club.

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