Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Makino Rotary - community-minded with vision and plans to make a difference

At the Salvation Army Community Garden and site of the weather-protection pergola
Wayne Gordon, Andrea McKenzie, ADG Richard Wishnowsky, Wayne Jellyman, DG Martin, President Chris Dungan. 
Denise and I enjoyed visiting Makino Rotary in Feilding and hearing about what they have done and particularly what they are planning. The Mayor and two Manawatu District Councillors are members of Makino Rotary so they are particularly attuned to the needs of their community and have several projects in the planning stages - a clear indicator of a vibrant Rotary Club.

Makino Rotary is one example of Clubs in our District that are retaining and attracting members in our District because they have relevant community projects and are developing other projects.

We were shown plans of the pergola for weather protection that is being built at the Salvation Army's community garden so that voluntary workers will have shelter from rain and sun - and there was plenty of sun when we visited.

President Chris Dungan receives a Centurion Club certificate
on behalf of the Club from DG Martin 
We visited popular Victoria Park and were shown where Makino Rotary plans to build fitness stations around the walkway, using sponsorship from local firms and will also be displaying the Rotary logo.

We heard of the tree planting that they will be doing along the railway line to create a bird corridor. Projects like these with environmental outcomes are increasingly popular and particularly attractive to potential new and younger Rotary members.

Makino Rotary is a strong supporter of youth and have RYLA and Science & Technology Forum students already selected.  Their RYLA student, Daniel, was at the Club meeting and is already being made to feel welcome in Rotary.  They also support the Blue Light disco, which is staged for different age groups on the same day.  And there are many other activities they are involved in.

Makino Rotarians are strong supporters of The Rotary Foundation and received a Centurion Club certificate recognising they are one of only 17 Clubs in our District that donated more than NZ$100 to the Annual Programmes Fund of the Foundation.

Another sign of their generosity, is that many Makino Rotarians will be spending their time on Christmas Day hosting a community Christmas lunch with the Salvation Army.
Wayne Gordon, President Chris Dungan, Andrea McKenzie, ADG Richard Wishnowsky
Manawatu District Council Mayor and Rotarian Helen Worboys and DG Martin.

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