Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Marton Rotary - caring for all in the community and cleverly using local resources

DG Martin with staff and Trust member trying out the hoist.
There is nothing better than visiting Rotary Club projects and hearing from the people who either benefit from them or know how beneficial they are to people in the community.  Assistant District Governor (ADG) Richard Wishnowsky took me to two locations where Rotary is helping out in Marton.  At the older end of the age spectrum and at the younger end.

Edale Rest Home is a marvelous facility where Marton Rotarians have made a real difference. They have supplied a hoist and recliner chairs for residents as well as providing garden facilities.  The Board and staff are very appreciative of the continuing contribution Marton Rotarians are making.

ADG Richard, DG Martin, College staff and gardens behind.
Our next stop was at Rangitikei College which our ADG had attended himself (not so long ago, I'm sure), as had his wife Ngaire.  The teachers and Principal are really enthusiastic about what courses they can offer their students.  With Rotary's help they are able to offer several units involving growing plants and collecting honey.  Marton Rotary has provided the macrocarpa raised garden beds and the beehive, and it sounds like they will be able to provide even more in the future to enhance the learning of students.

Rotary Clubs like Marton never cease to surprise me, because when I met with the Board even more projects were raised.  I can't mention them all, but they are making the most of local opportunities.  For example, one of their larger fundraisers involves selling 10 litre and 20 litre buckets - to farmers, apiarists and others. The buckets are sourced as inwards goods packaging from a local food manufacturer - a local resource that would go elsewhere if Marton Rotarians had not seized the opportunity to use them to fund raise.

Marton Rotarians are connected with the wider Rotary community and know how to have a good time, so I am sure we will see many of them at the District Conference in New Plymouth in April.

DG Martin, AG Richard and Ngaire Wishnowsky

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