Saturday, 12 November 2016

Milson Rotary - increasing membership over the years through social engagement and relevant projects

Jil from Germany updating the Club about
her adventures in New Zealand
The membership numbers of most of the Rotary Clubs in our District have declined in recent years.  Milson Rotary is one of the exceptions.  Their membership numbers have increased over the past five years.

After visiting 50 of our 55 Clubs, the formula for healthy clubs seems to be:
  • Participating in relevant community projects
  • Enjoying each other's company at social events in good surroundings and while carrying out community events.
  • Being flexible in when and how we meet.
  • Thinking outside of the immediate Club environment (e.g. hosting an RIYE student, engaging with the District - such as Assistant Governor and NZ Business Week Coordinator Christine Jones, Mandi Bates as Outbound Coordinator for Rotary International Youth Exchange, and Gary Dome involved in District Insurance and Risk Management).

Milson Rotarians are enjoying themselves and getting a sense of self-satisfaction, which is important for motivating Rotary volunteers ( we all need some encouragement and support), by hosting an RIYE student (Jil is just amazing and has so much potential) and by carrying out so many relevant community activities and fund raisers.

PDG Glen Caves, DG Martin and PDG 9970 Ellis Buchanan 
Milson Rotary has a project providing potable water from wells to communities in Myanmar, utilising 500 litre stainless steel containers.  Many of their members have been to Myanmar to oversee the water project and paint buildings such as classrooms.

Wouldn't it be great if all Clubs had a project they could all travel overseas to and participate in?  Just don't forget the RNZWCS Ltd insurance that will cover you as a volunteer working overseas rather than just as a tourist.  

In their local community, Milson Rotarians are planning one-kilometre markings and fitness equipment around city walkways. all with the Rotary emblem.  There are food bank drives, working bees for preschools and so much more that Milson Rotary is doing that I cannot capture it all.  Well done Milson Rotary!

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