Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Terrace End Rotary - adapting to the needs of members and their communities

Goff Ashwell, DG Martin, Principal Sue and President Dennis Quinn 
It was a pleasure to visit Terrace End Rotary as they meet in the grounds of Massey University where I used to attend block courses for one of my Masters degrees.  The Wharerata Function Centre is a great venue for a Rotary Club meeting and the excellent company complemented the venue.

This is another Club that has adapted its meetings and activities to better meet the needs of members and its community.  They have two formal meetings a month and on the other evenings have a committee meeting and a social evening.  The success of this formula for Terrace End is that everyone usually turns up to each different type of meeting

Katrine organises Vicki Lee's Vera Lynn concerts.
Terrace End Rotarians support many youth activities from RYLA and the Science and Technology Forum to dictionaries in primary schools.

They have even built a bike jump track for Terrace End School as part of its Bikes in Schools programme.  I was shown the track and spoke with the principal who clearly values the difference that Rotarians and other volunteers are making at the school. The track is a great asset for the whole community and children from around the area use it.

Terrace End is also the Club that supports Vicki Lee with her Vera Lynn fundraising concerts.

President Dennis Quinn & DG Martin
As well as their many community activities, they make donations throughout the year to organisations such as Samaritans, Salvation Army, Big Brother Big Sister and Special Olympians.

They also held a very successful World's Greatest Meal recently to help eradicate polio, sent spectacles to the Pacific Islands and supported an irrigation project in Ethiopia.

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