Saturday, 4 February 2017

Takaro Rotary - very busy and having a great time

Did I say something funny or did President Don Searle?  Takaro Rotary Club members and partners enjoying their evening.
When Denise and I visited Takaro Rotary, we were again overwhelmed with the amount of project activity Rotarians do in their communities.  Takaro Rotarians have some very busy weekends coming up.

Next weekend they take part in the Manawatu Cycle Challenge, providing the Takaro Rotary Charity Ride over 5 km or 10 km off road courses along Riverbank Pathway.  The funds raised will go to the Bikes in Schools programme at Takaro School.

The weekend after that, on Sunday 19 February, they are providing a fun day out to Girls' Sheds, and again they'll not only be providing an event for Palmerston North people and visitors, but they'll also raise a significant amount of money for charitable purposes.

On Sunday 5 March, Takaro Rotarians are teaming up with others in the community to provide a children's day out to encourage strong positive relationships between children and their whānau in the Palmerston North community.  This is Rotary in action, connecting people in their communities.

And there is the RYDA programme (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) around this time as well.

I can't even imagine how much work the organisers have put in to these events in the background.

Takaro Rotary is also very well-connected with the resources Rotary offers and they make the most of this.  They have leaders/representatives on the Club Development Committee, the Rotary Youth Exchange Committee, the Polio Awareness Committee and Trees for Survival. DGE Mitchell Brown (Fiona) is the third District Governor to come from this Club, which was chartered in 1972.  We had the pleasure of the presence of PDG Lindsay Knowles and Jill.

And all of this from a Rotary Club of 29 members.  An impressive effort!

PDG Lindsay Knowles, DG Martin Garcia, and DGE Mitchell Brown


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